Transform Organizations Through Technology

Our innovative technology platform, WATT, and expert consulting services empower organizations to revolutionize healthcare and business operations. WATT delivers personalized chronic disease management programs while our consulting expertise harnesses data analytics, provides actionable insights, and streamlines processes through automation.

Together, we transform healthcare and business operations, providing excellence.

Our Solution: WATT

WATT is our comprehensive platform that provides a technology engine to organizations for obesity and chronic disease prevention and management. With WATT, you can seamlessly integrate all the necessary components into one easy-to-use system.


WATT offers personalized plans, resources, and education to meet your individual needs.


WATT offers personalized plans, resources, and education to meet your individual needs.


WATT monitors your progress and provides real-time feedback and support.


WATT is accessible from any device, so you can stay on top of your health goals from anywhere.

Consulting Services

At Health & Wellness Innovations, our consulting services are designed to empower organizations with cutting-edge technology and expertise. We create centralized resource hubs equipped with dynamic dashboards, offering key data-driven insights. Our expertise extends to comprehensive research across various health conditions, integrating diverse resources and datasets into customizable platforms. We streamline business processes through advanced tools and automations, improving efficiency and productivity. Through our interactive dashboards, we provide real-time insights for informed decision-making, coupled with robust support and training to empower teams for impactful outcomes.


Leverage our consulting expertise to optimize your organization’s use of technology for improved outcomes.


We create resource hubs equipped with advanced analytics tools and dynamic dashboards to unlock actionable insights.


Empower your team with our comprehensive training and support services, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

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