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Transform Lives Through Technology

Our primary goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and physical activity, helping individuals prevent or manage their obesity and its associated chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

Our Solution: WATT

Our WATT platform is a technology engine providing core components for obesity and chronic disease prevention and management to organizations through one, integrated system.


WATT connects you to health coaches and experts for additional support and advice.


WATT is personalized to meet your needs by providing you with tailored plans, resources, and education in one place.


WATT monitors your progress and provides you with instant feedback and support in real-time.


WATT provides you with the right tools from anywhere. Access the platform from your computer and smart devices.

Consulting Services

We provide various consulting services including promotional support, staff training, user technical support, and user data and reports. Collaborate with us to enhance your services!


We identify your needs and integrate WATT and other technologies into your programs


We develop analytics tools and dashboards based on various types of databases.


We provide training and support to your staff to enhance the efficiency of program delivery

Expand your population health management with WATT

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