Health & Wellness Innovations is a trusted leader in digital solutions and strategic consulting, dedicated to empowering organizations for excellence. We provide innovative tools and expert guidance to enhance not only health and wellness but also organizational productivity and success through resource hubs and data-driven insights.


We envision a future where cutting-edge technology and analytics revolutionize healthcare and education, leading to unparalleled efficiency, innovation, and transformative success.

Our mission is to innovate and deliver advanced technological and data solutions that empower individuals and organizations, achieving superior outcomes.


At Health & Wellness Innovations, we live by these core values:

  • Integrity – We believe in honesty, trust, and moral principles.

  • Innovation – We constantly seek new solutions and embrace creativity.

  • Excellence – We strive for excellence and deliver exceptional results.

Meet the Founder: Mia Jang, Ph.D.

Mia is the visionary founder and CEO of Health & Wellness Innovations, a leading digital health solution and consulting firm dedicated to transforming healthcare and business operations through technology. With her extensive background in Human Nutrition and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University, Mia’s expertise forms the foundation of the company’s commitment to advancing health, wellness, and organizational strategies through data-driven insights.

Propelled by the personal loss of her nephew, Mia’s initial creation of a digital support platform in 1999 marked a poignant and defining moment in her journey into the digital health domain. This deeply personal venture not only showcased her compassionate innovation but also laid the foundation for her expansive career in digital health and technology. Since then, Mia has been pivotal in revolutionizing healthcare delivery with innovative technologies, emphasizing both accessibility and personalized support. At Health & Wellness Innovations, she blends scientific rigor with digital innovation to lead the development of WATT™ (Wellness Anytime Through Technology™), a transformative platform that is redefining how healthcare providers educate and empower individuals in managing chronic diseases.

Today, Mia’s expertise transcends digital health solutions. She is recognized as a thought leader in developing centralized data hubs and interactive dashboards, providing unmatched insights for a variety of organizations. Her scientific approach to healthcare is complemented by a passion for technology, driving significant changes in both individual lives and organizational outcomes.

Under Mia’s leadership, Health & Wellness Innovations is committed to enhancing not only health outcomes but also equipping professionals and organizations with advanced tools and insights. This commitment ensures high performance and sustainable impact in an increasingly data-driven world.