Health & Wellness Innovations is a leading digital health solution provider helping organizations improve the health and wellness of their populations by providing strategic consulting and innovative digital health solutions.


Our vision is a world in which all people are happy and healthy. Happiness and health can be influenced by innovative solutions, and we aspire to positively impact millions of lives globally and to become the world’s leading health solution provider.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to promote a healthy lifestyle and generate sustainable lifestyle changes.


Our innovation is achieved through the following core values.

  • Integrity – Trust in Honesty. Adhere to Morals.

  • Innovation – Discover New Solutions. Embrace Creativity.

  • Passion – Strive for Excellence. Inspire through Dedication.


Mia Jang, Ph.D.

Mia is the founder and CEO of Health & Wellness Innovations. She is the architect of the WATT technology. Mia brings her 20 years of experience in information technology to the company. Mia earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from Michigan State University, and her B.A. in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Seoul National University in South Korea. Her research revolved around the mechanisms of Leptin in correcting obesity in genetically obese mice. Her transition from a researcher to an entrepreneur started with her passion to bring innovation to impact others’ lives.


Our Founder’s Story

While growing up, Mia saw her mother’s struggles with obesity and diabetes. Because of that, Mia became interested in nutrition and developed a desire to help her mother and others improve their overall health. She went on to study Food and Nutrition in her undergraduate and graduate programs. When Mia started her Ph.D. program at Michigan State University in 1994, Leptin, a protein that was lacking in a genetically obese mouse model, was just discovered. It was a revolutionary discovery in obesity research. Mia dove into researching Leptin and its effects on neurotransmitters to figure out the mechanisms for correcting obesity in a mouse model. She was a typical scientific researcher who loved to find solutions through an understanding of mechanisms and analytical thinking.

Mia’s abrupt change from a scientist to an entrepreneur came about after a sudden loss of her nephew to an accident in 1999. While coping with the loss, she created a grief support website to support her families and others who lost their loved ones. Since there were no social media sites that could connect people back then, she learned HTML and acquired some web skills to create a website. In the early digital technology era, she was fascinated with the potential of digital technologies in connecting people with experts and providing personalized healthcare and accessible support. Mia wanted to help people with chronic diseases manage their health through personalized guidelines, tools, and support they can access at any time from anywhere. That was the start of her mission and entrepreneurial journey in digital health.

Mia has been at the intersection of health and technology for more than 20 years. She is passionate about helping people take charge of their health while empowering health professionals to connect better with their populations through technology. She continues her journey with another type of mouse (a computer mouse!) to create a positive impact on others’ lives.