Our comprehensive virtual 8-Week Digital Bootcamp for Health Professionals is designed to equip you with practical tech skills that will transform your workflow, enrich healthcare education, and facilitate effective collaboration with colleagues and patients. This bootcamp offers a hands-on experience with each session lasting 2 hours. By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll not only gain practical knowledge but also have your own system set up to immediately implement what you’ve learned. See below for topics covered. Download a Flyer

7-Week Digital Bootcamp

Period: TBD

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 12:00 – 2:00 PM EST

Bootcamp Topics

Week 1: Overview of Healthcare Trends and Essential Tech Tools
This session is designed to give participants an introductory understanding of the current trends in healthcare and the essential technological tools that can enhance their practice.

Week 2: Establishing a Central Hub for Health Education Resources
This session will provide participants with the skills needed to establish a centralized hub for health education resources, streamlining information dissemination and patient education.

Week 3: Designing Impactful Infographics and Educational Materials
This session aims to equip participants with the fundamentals of designin Save g visually appealing and informative infographics and educational materials for diverse healthcare settings.

Week 4: Cultivating a Professional LinkedIn Presence
In this session, participants will learn how to build and optimize a LinkedIn profile that reflects their professional expertise and enables meaningful networking within the healthcare industry.

Week 5: Managing Social Media Sites in One Place
This session educates participants on how to manage multiple social media accounts through a single platform, focusing on time-saving techniques and best practices for health education.

Week 6: Implementing a User-Friendly Online Scheduling System
This session will guide participants through the steps of implementing a user-friendly online scheduling system, designed to improve operational efficiency and patient experience.

Week 7: Basics of Form Creation and Data Management
This session provides participants with a foundational understanding of how to create digital forms and manage data securely, thereby enhancing administrative efficiency and basic analytics skills.

Celebration: Showcase and Share Achievements
This session is designed to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of each participant. Participants will have the opportunity to present the projects or systems they’ve developed throughout the bootcamp. Moreover, participants are encouraged to share these achievements on social media or other professional platforms, offering a real-world application of the digital skills acquired.


  • Skill Enhancement for Immediate Impact: Our bootcamp equips you with practical tech skills that you can directly apply in your healthcare practice for immediate results.
  • Time-Efficient Learning: With just 2 hours per week for 7 weeks, gain knowledge and skills without taking extended time away from your professional responsibilities.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Forge connections with fellow healthcare professionals, encouraging mutual growth and opportunities for collaboration in your respective fields.
  • Convenient Access to Support: Gain convenient access to support through designated office hours, ensuring you’re never stuck and always progressing.

Your Takeaway: Real-World Tech Solutions

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have hands-on experience setting up the following practical tech systems, aligned with our weekly topics:

  • A centralized hub for health education resources
  • Visually appealing and informative infographics and educational materials
  • A professional LinkedIn profile optimized for networking within the healthcare industry
  • A system to manage multiple social media accounts in one place
  • A user-friendly online scheduling calendar
  • Basic digital forms for data management and analytics

Pricing and Registration

Unlock unparalleled value and hands-on learning in our comprehensive 8-Week Digital Bootcamp for Health Professionals.

Bootcamp Investment – $950

  • Full access to all 7-week course materials and templates
  • Weekly live sessions with industry experts
  • Hands-on, practical learning experiences and system setup
  • Personalized coaching and feedback
  • Certificate of Completion

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your professional trajectory with indispensable technology skills. In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, mastering these practical tech competencies will distinguish you as a forward-thinking leader in your field. As the year draws to a close, seize the moment to invest in your own career development. Prepare to welcome the upcoming year with newfound confidence, equipped with skills that open doors to enriching career advancements and professional fulfillment.

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