WATT™, Wellness Anytime Through Technology™, is a technology platform that enables healthcare providers to educate and empower their individuals to successfully prevent and manage obesity and chronic diseases through lifestyle management. WATT is comprised of two components, one for individual end-users and another for healthcare providers (health coaches, educators, etc.).

WATT for Users

My WATT provides personalized guidelines, health tracking tools, and convenient access to health coaches to meet the needs and interests of each individual user. Listed below are some key user features and benefits.


  • Dashboard, Analytics, and Reporting

  • Automatic Reminders and Notifications

  • Virtual Group and Individual Interactions

  • Training Guidelines and Resources


  • Private-Labeled Solution and Portal Site

  • Facilitated Communication with Users

  • Access to Real-Time, Measured Results

  • Integration Capabilities with Other Devices and Systems

  • Capacity for Program Scalability (Extended Outreach)

  • Unlimited Training and Support

WATT Admin for Coaches & Staff

WATT Coach provides health providers, coaches, educators, staff, and other admin with features proven to keep users engaged in behavior changing activities. Listed below are some key admin features and benefits.


  • Personalized Plans, Health Tips, and Recommendations

  • Trackers for Sleep, Weight, Food, and More

  • Syncing Capabilities with Wearable Devices / Trackers

  • Interactive Lesson Modules and Materials

  • Secure Messaging and Virtual Meetings


  • Personalized Education and Resources

  • Unlimited Support from Health Providers, Coaches, Staff, and Experts

  • Development of Healthy, Sustainable Habits

  • Reaching Desired Health Outcomes

Client and Partners

We license WATT to organizations that are ready to innovate and scale their wellness and chronic disease prevention and management programs. WATT is a perfect solution for:

  • Health Systems & Health Plans

  • Community Health Organizations

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Lifestyle-Related Medical Device Companies

  • Weight Management Product Companies

Connect better with your population and improve their health!

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